Melbourne House and the WW1 war effort

Yorkshire Evening Post
Tuesday 14 November 1916

To the Editor of The Yorkshire Evening Post

Sir,– Rather more than two miles from the city Wakefield, on the main road to Bradford, stands Melbourne House, perhaps better known locally as “Prophet Wroe’s Mansion”.

This palatial residence, situated on one the finest sites in the district, has now been unoccupied for many years.

In view of the fact that all available accommodation is required at such time this for providing convalescent homes and hospitals for our wounded heroes, I am surprised that this most suitable mansion has not before now been commandeered by the authorities in power.

There have been times during this war when education has had to stand on one side in order to provide accommodation for troops. Then, why allow this charming dwelling to remain empty?

No doubt some local gentlemen with more influence than I have, will take up the matter, now that it has been brought to their notice. – Yours, etc.,

Wakefield, November 13th, 1916.

Yorkshire Evening Post
Thursday 16 November 1916

To the Editor of The Yorkshire Evening Post

Sir, – My attention having been drawn to a letter your paper of yesterday’s date, headed “Prophet Wroe’s Mansion”, and signed “Soldier”, beg to direct your attention to an important misstatement contained therein.

It is not the case that the house has not been occupied for several years; such has never been the case any time. It is at present occupied, and, moreover, is regularly used, by the office bearers of the Christian Israelite Church as their headquarters for the transaction of necessary Church business. – Yours, etc.,

Leeds, November 16th, 1916.