Was this the final accident at Wrenthorpe Colliery?

Arguably the strangest accident in Wrenthorpe Colliery’s 90-year history occurred just three months before its closure. But this time no miner was directly affected.

Hartlepool Northern Daily Mail
Wednesday 21 March 1928


There were miraculous escapes from yesterday when the flywheel of the engine driving the ventilation plant the Wrenthorpe Colliery, Wakefield, burst. The engine-house was wrecked and piece of machinery was hurled through the roof and crashed into the room of cottage in which a woman was sleeping. The woman, Mrs Colley, escaped injury, but her cat was killed. Mr Colley was in the pit at the time.

The flywheel was 13ft in diameter and weighed about 10 tons. A large piece of metal from the broken flywheel crashed through the rear wall of Mrs Colley’s cottage, carrying away the whole of the staircase and part of the ceiling. Mrs Colley was trapped the bedroom and had to be rescued through the bedroom window. She was able leave hospital after attention.