The Bensons and Lane Foxes

A little background on the family history of the one-time residents of Red Hall and prominent local landowners until the end of the 19th century.

Knaresborough Post
Saturday 26 July 1884


H V T writes to the Leeds Mercury Supplement:

A Dorothy Benson, according to Young’s “History of Whitby”, was living there in sixteen hundred and something, and that William Benson, of Whitby and of Ruswarp Hall, married Dorothy, daughter of Ingram Chapman, born April 28th, 1682, and had issue Thomas Benson, leaving William Benson, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Walker, and left Henry Walker Benson, who married Martha, daughter of John Hugo, and left issue (1) William, who had Robert; (2) Alfred; (3) Henry Walker Benson, now of Sunderland, who has Leofric de Temple Benson, and William Marsden Benson, &c.

A family of this name has long been seated at Halton, near Skipton-in-Craven. Whitaker states under this place, “One of the principal estates has long been held by the Benson family, from whom, probably, Lord Bingley was descended.”

“In 1699, Edmund Benson, of Halton, in the parish of Skipton, made his will, mentioning considerable property at Halton, Skipton, Halton East, and Appletreewick, and leaving three sons – Christopher, William, and Robert; and three daughters – Margaret, Sarah, and Mary.” There is a monument in Skipton Church to a Robert Benson, Esq, of Halton, dated 1818.

From the Plumpton Correspondence a family of this name resided at Plumpton or at Knaresborough, and were employed in legal work by the Plumptons in the latter half of the fifteenth and early part of the sixteenth centuries. Henry Benson, of Knaresborough, was elected MP for Knaresborough in 1641, but unseated for opposition to the dominant Parliamentary faction. He had two sons, according to the Fairfax Correspondence, who assisted in his election. Robert Benson, of Red Hall, near Wakefield, attorney and Clerk of Assize in Northern Circuit, was returned MP for Aldborough in 1673. He had issue Robert Benson (only son), of Wrenthorpe, near Wakefield, and of Bramham, who was created first Lord Bingley, and died in 1730, leaving an only daughter who married James Lane Fox, the ancestor of the present Squire of Bramham. Lord Bingley had very considerable property in Airedale, and especially around Skipton. Robert Benson, of York, made his will in 1765, describing himself as formerly of Leeds, leaving considerable property about York and in the North Riding, and mentioning three sons, Robert, John, and Thomas. Robert Benson, of Bradford and Leeds, married in 1773, Hannah, daughter of Stephen Parkinson, of Cragg Hall, and whose descendants, wealthy and in good position, still reside in the neighbourhood of Leeds. In 1799, a Robert Benson (probably the above) was appointed a trustee (qualification £100 a year, or £4,000 personality) of the Knaresborough and Skipton turnpike road. From 1801 to 1810 George Benson was Vicar of Ilkley.