Application for new railway

Leeds Times
Saturday 20 November 1858


The Bradford, Wakefield and Leeds railway is applying for authority to make a railway from and by a double junction with the main line in Stanley-cum-Wrenthorpe, in the parish of Wakefield; one of such junctions at or near an occupation road, called Fox Lane, in the said township; and the other at or near the point where an occupation bridge, called Robert’s Bridge, passes under the same railway, in the said township, thence to pass in, through, or into the several parishes, townships, or places of Stanley, Wrenthorpe, Stanley-cum-Wrenthorpe, Alverthorpe, Thornes, Alverthorpe-cum-Thornes, Wakefield, Ossett, Gawthorpe, Ossett-cum-Gawthorpe, and Dewsbury, and to terminate in a field belonging to Joshua Whitaker, and in the occupation of Joshua Wilson, and adjoining a certain road called or known by the name or Intake Lane, in the township of Ossett and parish of Dewsbury. The same company is also applying for power to make a railway from the main line of the Bradford, Wakefield, and Leeds railway, in the township of Stanley-cum-Wrenthorpe, at a point about 440 yards north of the Lofthouse and Wrenthorpe Station, and also at a point about fifty yards south of the said station, in the same township; thence to pass in, through, or into the several parishes, townships, or places of Stanley, Wrenthorpe, Stanley-cum-Wrenthorpe, Lofthouse, Carlton, Lofthouse-cum-Carlton, Oulton Woodlesford Oulton-with-Woodlesford, Wakefield, Rothwell, and Methley and to terminate by a junction with the North-Eastern Railway at and on the north-west end of the bridge called Stephenson’s Bridge where the last mentioned railway crosses the River Calder in the township of Methley.

Landowner outFoxed by local residents

Leeds Times
Saturday 26 April 1884


Our precious footpaths through the fields are in danger in many parts of the country, and it will require strong and vigorous efforts to retain them from the grasp of rapacious landowners. The villagers of Wrenthorpe, near Wakefield, are of this opinion, as their vigorous proceedings have plainly demonstrated. An unsuccessful attempt has been made to close a footpath at Wrenthorpe. It is called Fox Lane, and crosses a field from Bradford Road to Wrenthorpe, being 632 yards in length, and passes through land owned by Mr George Lane Fox, of Bramham Park. On Saturday an adjourned meeting of the ratepayers was held to consider the subject, the proceedings being extraordinary. Before the business began, Mr Bryan Ramsden, who is not a ratepayer, and who persisted in being present, was forcibly ejected. He was seized by a number of sturdy villagers, who literally threw him into the lobby, where for a time he paced up and down, but ultimately disappeared. On behalf of a motion for closing the path it was urged that the ratepayers might soon have to ask Mr Fox to aid them in widening Potovens Lane [now Wrenthorpe Road], and that he would be more ready to do so if the footway was abandoned. Mr B Lees spoke strongly against the proposal, and on a vote being taken the numbers were 57 for closing and 68 for keeping it open. Mr G Lane Fox is one of the best of our Tory magnates, and if the case is put fairly and fully before him, free from what interested persons may say, he is not the man to refuse justice to any individual or any body of men.

The Lane Fox family had previously lived at Red Hall and were big local (absentee) land owners. Much of the Red Hall estate came up for auction in 1896.

Note how the Times can’t resist having a parting political swipe at local residents.